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Fond of delightfully upbeat sounds with catchy hooks and all the feels?

Emily Faye takes hearts of country-pop connoisseurs and novices by storm. The UK-based songsmith succeeds at creating pop infused sunny yet sweetly fierce songs that rightfully earned her acclaim from Rolling Stones magazine: labelled as 'a new country artist you need to know’.

Emily Faye is bridging the gap between country and pop with a firm storytelling vision in both her musical beginnings and forthcoming releases.

Faye's dauntless reimagined take on her 2020 single 'Fearless'  effortlessly shows her versatility in contrast to her next single ‘Summer Feeling’ BBC Introducing’s track of the week “this is the song you should be listening to, its called ’Summer Feeling’ and its most definitely a well deserved track of the week’…” (BBC Introducing Northampton) due Friday 6th August 2021.More of her endearing musical endeavours can be explored and personally experienced at her next socially distanced live show at 229 Venue 2, London on August 6th.